Networking session for entrepreneurs with $2M+ in profits
Make around 20 useful acquaintances and get energized during this moderated video meeting for successful entrepreneurs

Only 150 spots are available
July, 13th
6 PM – 7.30 PM California time
Online networking organizer
An invite-only international business community of entrepreneurs and top managers averaging $2M annually in profits
Who is this for?
Those who want to see how others have dealt with the business issues they are facing
Those who want to connect with potential business partners, investors, or justpeople of the same social standing
Those who are tired of running their business and look  the jolt of energy that only communication with people of your own level social standing deliver
What can you get out of this meeting?
You will meet 20–30 new people
You find like-minded people and get to know about their projects and personal strengths. When the meeting is concluded, you can continue talking to any of the people you met or send a request to any participant
You will create an attention-grabbing intro for yourself
Our moderators will explain how to pitch yourself to others. We will enable you to remain calm, cool and collected, overcoming any anxieties you may have about presenting yourself to strangers
You will be able to exchange resources and contacts with others
Each participant will discuss how they can help the others and what kind of help they need themselves. You will receive access to a reference guide in which all participants open to mutual aid will leave their contact info. You can continue talking with other people from the event in a closed Telegram chat
You will get energized from these interactions
Each of our networking events inspires and energizes the participants to move forward, and this one will be no exception
How does the networking session work?
One-on-one meetings
A familiar networking format: you have 15 minutes to connect with each person you're paired with You will have 5 rounds to connect with random people of your own social standing
Round table
Several rounds of networking in 5-person groups in Zoom virtual rooms. Our moderators will describe the best way to present yourself and your projects. They will also ensure that all participants will stay within their time limits. Altogether, this will take 50 minutes
Summarizing the experience
We will create a shared catalogue of participants who are open to the prospect of mutual aid
What does an online meeting look like?
Participation is free, but income verification is mandatory.
Please submit confirmation of your company's turnover. For this event, it's important for us to connect entrepreneurs who are at the same financial level (2M+ annual business turnover)
Who is going to be present at this event?
Every participant of this networking meeting is an entrepreneur or a top manager with a confirmed annual business turnover of $2M+. There will be no random people here.
How much time will I have to talk to the other participants? How do I know our communications won't be a superficial waste of time?
We are unable to organize an in-depth communication environment while working within a timeframe of 90-minutes for the whole event. You will, however, get your chance to get acquainted with 5–20 people—you can continue communicating with the most useful and interesting of them afterwards. That is what you get out of these 90 minutes.
I'm introverted. Will I be comfortable at this meeting?
Our moderators are professional coaches and facilitators. They will create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere and tell you how to ease into the conversation and overcome any anxieties.
I prefer talking to people in private, one on one. What can this format offer me?
The connections you will make at this session will not immediately be as meaningful as the ones forged during a personal meeting, but they won't be pointlessly superficial either. We will make staying in touch after the meeting or reaching out with a request to any of the participants really easy.
This session will expand your social and professional network.
Our moderators will make sure your group communication experience is an enjoyable one.
Participate and take 20-30 useful acquaintances
Participate and take 20-30 useful acquaintances
Club 500 - is the biggest premium business club in CIS. It is entire ecosystem of products for mutual growth, fast development and security for a modern entrepreneur. There are more than 500 entrepreneurs in the club and each of them is ready to share his gained experience, expertise and resources. This community is not a business university or a mentor service, it is about relationships and investing in them in the first place.