Club 500
online gathering!
When: August 31th 8:00 PM (PST)
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Agenda: Learn how you may get an exclusive opportunity to become one of the 100 "Founding" members!"
We cordially invite you to join our zoom meeting. Don't miss your one and only opportunity to meet with the future Club 500 Ambassadors, connect with the founding partners, staff and current Club 500 members. This will be your chance to secure the best "early bird" membership offer and a limited time opportunity to learn about our ambassador program as well as about our upcoming event schedule.
What to expect from the online gathering on August 31th?
The Club 500 USA
We will tell you about
your new opportunities
with Club 500 USA
You will learn about our upcoming plans in the USA
Networking with our first members
A PRIVATE INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS COMMUNITY of entrepreneurs and top managers with a minimum business turnover of $ 2,000,000 per year.
Club 500 USA will have only 500 selected residents who have passed verification. All our clubs are connected into a single ecosystem. Our global goal for the next 4 years is to expand the club to 50 clubs and 25,000 entrepreneurs from all over the world.

International meetings would provide an opportunity for our residents to quickly enter foreign markets all around the world. We want you to feel at home in every city where Club 500 establishes presence.
Networking opportunities
Over 100 events per year
Exclusive events
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Why: we will discuss all the questions, we will discuss all the questions, we will discuss all the questions
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